Release Log

22 March 2021: Layer Factory 1.2.1

  • Option to set custom names for Labels, change Labels visibility (in the Flyout Menu);
  • Some options for Selection to Layer: lock transparency, ignore background layer (in the Flyout Menu);
  • Fixed: functions assigned to hotkeys were working slightly slower that the ones from the panel;
  • Fixed: error on startup on some configs;

16 March 2021: Layer Factory 1.2

Video of the update features.

07 Apr 2020: Layer Factory 1.1

Video of the update features.

  • New 2 functions in the Transparency to Masks module: Add To and Subtract From Mask;
  • New function in the Bake module: Merge Unclipped layers;
  • New module: Match Color;
  • RMB-click on Adjustments in the Adjustment Layers module will run this adjustment;
  • Fixed: inconsistent behaviour of Close on Click function;
  • Fixed: Smart Feather not showing blur UI when called from a hotkey;
  • Fixed: unability to set hotkeys to specific keys using the Assign Shortcut command;
  • Fixed: if scripts for assigning shortcuts are missing Layer Factory will show an error message;

23 Jan 2020: Layer Factory 1.0

  • Initial release